Ten Tips To Finding Your Wedding Cake


For your South Bend wedding your wedding cake should be a work of art and taste good. A cake that doesn’t taste good will be a cake that goes to waste. So when planning your South Bend wedding here are ten tips to find the perfect wedding cake!

1 Taste several samples of the baker’s cakes pay special attention to the taste of the frosting and moistness of the cake. The most beautiful cake will go to waste if your guests won’t eat it.
2 See the baker’s selection of wedding cake designs.
3 Discuss with the your cake designer what you want your cake to look like. Images of other cakes you like from magazines or other weddings are always a good way to illustrate what you want design wise. Your cake designer should also be able to give you input on various designs.
4 There are many alternatives to the traditional bride and groom cake toppers, jewelry, fresh flowers, candy flowers, mom and dad’s top etc. If you want something less traditional discuss it with your cake designer.
5 Reserve your cake designer/baker at least 6 to 8 months out. Like all other vendors they can only cover so many weddings a day, so don’t loose out on your favorite!
6 Get the price in writing! Included should be delivery, setup, rental fees for display bottoms or pillars and columns. Every time you make a change be sure to get a new quote!
7 Square wedding cakes are becoming more popular, but not all bakers will do them, make sure yours does if you want one.
8 Popular cake flavors are vanilla, yellow, chocolate, pink champagne and strawberry.
9 Check your reception’s facility’s policy on cake cutting, there may be a charge for the staff to cut and serve the cake.
10 We don’t recommend saving the cake top for the first anniversary, even frozen cake quickly looses its flavor. Find another special time to consume the cake, like first day you move into your house together as husband and wife.

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