Simple Beauty Tips

For Bright Eyes

1. Stick to matte shadow and blush, nothing shimmery.

2. Opt for Mohogany, charcoal or navy eye liner rather than black or dark brown which may look too harsh on camera.

3. Apply at least 2 coats of waterproof mascara using an eyelash curler in between.

For Radiant Skin

1. Get a good nights sleep.

2. use a ligth dusting of bronzing powder on face and neck for a warm glow.

3. Blend cream or powder blush in a rosey hue on the apples of cheeks.

For Luminous Lips

1. Choose lip color that is a bit bright. Nude shades can make you look washed out on camera.

2. If you use lip liner, make sure it matches the shade of your lipstick exactly, even a slight shade difference will be more pronounced on video.

For a Flawless Finish

1. Don’t tweeze brows the day of your weddings to prevent redness and swelling.

2. Use a primer as a base beneath your foundation to even out skin tone.

3. Apply concealer to any blemishes with fingertip & dust with a translucent powder.

4. Blend, blend, and blend again. Any make up lines will be more noticeable on film.

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