South Bend Wedding Planning | Bridal Spectacular

The largest, best and oldest bridal show in South Bend took place recently at the Century Center, the Bridal Spectacular! Even though the worst snow storm seen in decades hit South Bend the day of the Bridal Spectacular, it didn’t stop the brides, grooms and their family and friends from check out all the wedding vendors and wedding planning ideas. South Bend Weddings was at the Bridal Spectacular and here is some wedding planning inspiration from the bridal show.

South Bend Wedding
Wedding Cakes by Martin’s Catering for your South Bend Wedding.
South Bend Wedding
Bella Novia Couture decor at the Bridal Spectacular. Wedding inspiration for your South Bend Wedding.
South Bend Wedding Planning
Need a caffine shot at your wedding reception? American Expresso offers some of the best coffee products for South Bend Weddings.
Wedding South Bend
Papery from Cloud Nine. When planning your wedding you can’t go wrong using Cloud Nine for invitations or any of your South Bend wedding paper needs!
Wedding Gown South Bend
Bride maids dresses for your South Bend Wedding.
South Bend Wedding Accessories
Girly Girl Gifts, one of our favorite wedding accessories and gift shops in South Bend.
South Bend PhotoBooth for South Bend Weddings
One of our favorite photo booth providers, Fun Zone PhotoBooths! Check out their new Celebrity Red Carpet Experience in the background and of course their traditional photo booth in the foreground. For your South Bend Wedding, get a photo booth, it is great entertainment!


Weddign Tuxedo for South Bend Weddings

South Bend Wedding Dress
Brides Maid fashion from the Bridal Spectacular.

You can see more by going to the Bridal Spectacular!

Photographer: Fun Zone PhotoBooths

South Bend Weddings | Bridal Show Sunday!

Bridal Spectacular South BendThe Bridal Spectacular returns to South Bend this Sunday, 1-5-13!  The Bridal Spectacular is the largest, oldest and best bridal show in South Bend, Mishawaka,  Michiana and will have over a hundred wedding vendors and professionals to help you plan you wedding! The bridal show will take place at Century Center from 12 to 5. Fashion shows featuring David’s Bridal and Louie’s Tux shop among others will take place at 1:00 and 3:30.

So if you were recently engaged, expecting to be engaged or are in the final planning stages of your planning, come to the Bridal Spectacular, Michiana’s best bridal show.

Some of our favorite vendors will be at the South Bend Bridal Show:
Music Machine
Purrfect Dj
Fun Zone Photo Booths
American Expresso
Knollwood Country Club
Palais Royale
Martin’s Catering
Swan Lake Resort
The Skillet
And many more! So if you are planning your South Bend Wedding or Michiana Wedding be at the Bridal Spectacular!

Michiana Wedding
The Bridal Spectacular Fashion Show is at 1:00 & 3:30
South Bend Wedding
Check out over a hundred wedding & event vendors at Bridal Spectacular 1.5.14
South Bend Weddings
Some vendors will be offering food samples at Bridal Spectacular!

South Bend Weddings Planning For Your Floral

Planning your South Bend Wedding, can be a rewarding, exciting, time for brides, grooms and their families. Brides dream of their wedding starting at a young age and it can be intoxicating bringing those dreams and plans to fruition. To bring it all together, a bride and groom must rely on the vendors they interview and hire to be knowledgeable, talented, professional and honest. Unfortunately as witnessed recently with Brides A La Mode, appearances can be hiding a darker truth! This is one of the reasons we so strongly promote hiring a professional wedding planner, not only can a wedding planner with their knowledge decrease your expenses, they are your advocate and their knowledge of other vendors in the market can help you avoid hiring lesser wedding vendors.

But if you can’t hire a wedding planner, here at South Bend Weddings our mission is to arm you with the knowledge to assure that your wedding dreams do come true and don’t end up like the friend bride of this bride:

…I was wondering if you had any advice to offer. My bff got married last August and when I started to plan my wedding, last May, she recommend that I hire the same floral designer she had hired, (name withheld). The floral designer when we met was very nice, and the pics of past events she had done looked good. We gave her a large deposit and I haven’t spoken to her since. My wedding is this July and I am in a near panic about using this floral designer. 

At my bffs wedding in August the centerpieces and bouquets were a major disappointment. The bouquets looked skimpy and many of the flowers were wilted. One of bouquets was falling apart when delivered. The centerpieces were worse, my bff had seen a centerpiece in one of the wedding mags and the floral designer claimed that she could recreate it. The vases were plastic, we were expecting glass. Her family had paid for live flowers and we noticed many of them were fake. Like the bouquets many of the live flowers were sorry looking. Everything was cheap looking.

I am in a near panic, I have been trying to figure out what to do, I want to cancel and find someone else but I am running out the time and the designer says I will loose my deposit… It’s more money than I can afford to loose. What can I do?


Sara, stories like this break our heart, we are sorry to hear your story.

Don’t panic, just yet there is a possible way to assure that you get the floral decor that you have dreamed of. We are not defending the florist but when it comes to silk flowers being used in the centerpieces, many florists have a clause in their contract that states in the case of an emergency they can substitute silk flowers for the real thing. Emergencies would be the greenhouse/wholesaler failing to get the flowers to the florist in time or shipping poor quality flowers. Your friend should go back and find out why the substitution but we have a feeling this is just standard operating with this floral designer.

To protect yourself and your wedding we recommend you contact the floral designer and demand a demo appointment. I don’t know if your best friend had a demo of her floral designs, but my guess is that she didn’t, since many florists don’t like to provide them due to their costs. The purpose of a demo is to hash out the exact look of your wedding floral, mainly the table centerpieces, but it can include the bouquets too. Before the demo, inform the floral designer what you are looking for in your design, if like your friend you have several pictures form magazine or the internet this is a good place to start. This will allow them to order in the supplies they will need for the demo.

Then at the demo, you hash out the exact look. If you don’t like what you are presented with initially don’t be afraid, tell the designer how to change it to fit your South Bend wedding vision and they should change it right there for you. When you are satisfied with the design you are presented with have the designer break it down into an addendum to the contract. The contract should list what goes into the arrangements to achieve the design, like glass vs plastic, live vs fake, etc. It should also include a cost breakdown so there are no surprises when presented with the final bill.

Also take a camera, something better than a cell phone and get pictures of the final agreed upon floral centerpiece, give a copy to the designer for their records and one for yours. This will give the designer a reference to work from, especially if your wedding is still months off.

Many florists are reticent to do demos because of the cost involved and you may find they charge for this, but in our opinion, this is money well spent. First it will tell you if your and your floral designer are on the same page. Second it will show if the floral designer is capable of achieving your vision. Third, the floral demo will give you a good idea what the final cost to you as the customer will be. Finally, if the designer fails to deliver as promised at your wedding you will have proof of what they promised and legal standing.

As for you Sara, demand the demo and contract addendum and don’t take no for an answer. It is the only way we know you can protect yourself. If the designer fails to meet your vision in the demo then you have a good argument for getting your deposit back. Floral is an art and we admire those who can do it, but we also have seen many that just can’t!

The images below have nothing to do with Sara, we took these several months ago and we think they can help educate brides in what to look for when it comes to poorly, crafted centerpieces.  We realize there aren’t many live flowers in this image but it details many of the problems we have seen with table centerpieces at events.

Yes this was created by a professional floral design company, who we won’t name. We could excuse it if it was some DIY bride but not when it’s a “professional”.

One of the things we have noticed with centerpiece is shoddy assembly. If it’s a floral arrangement, the floral clay or other material that the flowers are inserted into is plainly visible in areas. You can see that in the picture where the cloth folds meet below, the structure is visible.

You will also notice the cloth edges are at the top. We talked to a few designers while writing this response and none of them would have the cloth edges sitting on top of the base! We were told any cloth used should drape over the top with the edges hidden, the best they can be, at the bottom of the centerpiece. All of them said they would never fold a piece of cloth as shown in the upper left hand corner of the piece

We get the idea, it’s suppose to be beach inspired, but what a really poor execution, it looks like the ocean just vomited on the table. Quality designers are very exacting, nothing is placed without purpose or thought, this one just looks like the stuff was thrown around the centerpiece.

Another thing to note is that centerpieces should be scaled to the size of the table, not appear to be dwarfed by it. This one once the table was fully set up was dwarfed by the table size and sort of lost among the plates/silverware.

To give you an idea of what a well done similarly themed centerpiece could look like we found this:

Laporte Wedding Inspirtion

It is Monday, the start of the week and to kick start your wedding planning creative juices we have a little inspiration from a LaPorte Wedding!

I love tent reception! The reason is that it can be so beautiful out among nature, in a wood setting or a field. Tents are a blank slate, unlike a banquet hall, that can be transformed into any wedding setting that you so desire. And that brings us to our wedding inspiration of the day, the tent reception setting of Michelle and Chris as documented wedding photographer Matthew Whitlock.

I love these transparent tents, can you get any more beautiful and with nature than that!

See more of this beautifully photographed wedding at Matthew Whitlock Photography.

Notre Dame Weddings

Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Notre Dame UniversityIt is Basilica Monday for brides and their grooms, desiring to get married at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of Notre Dame. This is the day when the Basilica opens the books for 2013 to begin scheduling 2013 Notre Dame Weddings for alumni. Brides, grooms and their families start calling early morning and prime wedding dates are usually gone by early afternoon.

So we wish all the Notre Dame brides dreaming of a Notre Dame Wedding, good luck!  And when you secure your date, check back here at South Bend Weddings for inspiration, tips and ideas for your upcoming Notre Dame Wedding!

South Bend Wedding Open House

Meet with wedding professionals as you plan your South Bend Wedding or Notre Dame Wedding and check out their services in action! South Bend and Notre Dame Brides, the South Bend Country Club is having a Bridal Open House on Sunday, March 11 from 12 to 4!  Admission is FREE. This is your chance to to check out the beautiful grounds and club house of the South Bend Country Club.

Call Samantha Geyer  at the South Bend country club 574.282.2527 to RSVP.

Our favorite photo booth rental company Fun Zone PhotoBooths will be there offering free photo booth sessions and photo strips to all the brides and grooms in attendance. Many other wedding professionals will be in attendance too.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Michiana brides, here is a fantastic wedding reception decorating idea I found on the Michaelangelos Facebook page! This crystal curtain is just gorgeous. And I could so see this as the backdrop behind the head table too!

* Crystal Curtain
The Crystal Curtain can be hung along any wall or tent lining to create a unique color display, especially when lit with our LED lights that can be set at the color of your choice!

Michaelangelos The Event Company
South Bend, IN
(574) 271-7440

Ten Tips To Finding Your Wedding Cake


For your South Bend wedding your wedding cake should be a work of art and taste good. A cake that doesn’t taste good will be a cake that goes to waste. So when planning your South Bend wedding here are ten tips to find the perfect wedding cake!

1 Taste several samples of the baker’s cakes pay special attention to the taste of the frosting and moistness of the cake. The most beautiful cake will go to waste if your guests won’t eat it.
2 See the baker’s selection of wedding cake designs.
3 Discuss with the your cake designer what you want your cake to look like. Images of other cakes you like from magazines or other weddings are always a good way to illustrate what you want design wise. Your cake designer should also be able to give you input on various designs.
4 There are many alternatives to the traditional bride and groom cake toppers, jewelry, fresh flowers, candy flowers, mom and dad’s top etc. If you want something less traditional discuss it with your cake designer.
5 Reserve your cake designer/baker at least 6 to 8 months out. Like all other vendors they can only cover so many weddings a day, so don’t loose out on your favorite!
6 Get the price in writing! Included should be delivery, setup, rental fees for display bottoms or pillars and columns. Every time you make a change be sure to get a new quote!
7 Square wedding cakes are becoming more popular, but not all bakers will do them, make sure yours does if you want one.
8 Popular cake flavors are vanilla, yellow, chocolate, pink champagne and strawberry.
9 Check your reception’s facility’s policy on cake cutting, there may be a charge for the staff to cut and serve the cake.
10 We don’t recommend saving the cake top for the first anniversary, even frozen cake quickly looses its flavor. Find another special time to consume the cake, like first day you move into your house together as husband and wife.

Out Door Wedding In South Bend

Q. I am planning an outdoor wedding. What kind of arrangements should I make in case of rain? A tent may not be in my budget.

A. Outdoor weddings, in South Bend, can be beautiful, but always have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. High heels and muddy ground do not mix. If a tent isn’t in your budget, find a facility that can offer both indoor and outdoor settings. But be aware this may cost you extra, quite often the facility will book two events, one outdoor and one in if they have the room. I have seen one event on the island at Century Center and one in the Great Hall at the same time. Another idea would be to find a facility with an outdoor pavilion with a permanent roof erected, but in the local market I do not know of any such facilities except the Morris Inn, on the Notre Dame campus, which erects their tent for the summer every year.

An old saying that applies to South Bend and the surrounding area’s weather is “wait 5 minutes and it will change”. Exaggerated yes, but if you are planning to have a wedding outdoors in Michiana we strongly suggest having a tent erected in case of rain. With all the costs involved in a wedding even outdoors, tables, cloths, napkins, centerpieces etc even if your budget is tight, not having the tent could cost you even more money if you suffer a rain out.

Wedding Trends

The trends for 2010 are already taking shape. What will we be seeing at weddings next year?
purple Purple! The color of kings is taking the lead of preferred colors. Varying shade of purple from light to dark make a rich and regal look.
Photo Booths are great guest pleaser and the images double as fun guest favors that everyone will treasure after the wedding. photobooth
hot_dog_wedding Late night Reception Snacks are another big trend for weddings. Wheel out bite size pizzas, or a hot dog cart with around 2 hours or an hour and a half left in the reception and treat all of those dancing guests to some fun. Smores and Expresso carts also work great for this!