Hashtag Your #SouthBendWedding

With the awesome explosion of social media, Hashtags are everywhere in our online lives. Facebook has finally relented and now hashtags are searchable on Facebook!

Now it’s your South Bend Wedding Day and all your friends are snapping cell phone photos of you, your significant other and  themselves having fun at your wedding and reception. Besides the hundreds of pictures that your South Bend wedding photographer and videographer took, how will you ever see all of those Instagram, Twitter and Facebook shared photos from your friends and family? The best idea is Hashtag Your Wedding!

When friends and family post their awesome pictures to social media, Hashtags make them instantly searchable,  you and your guests will be able to run searches on your hashtag and view all of the pictures that were tagged and associated with your hashtag. You will be able to view them right away, that night even, enjoying all the fun, joy and memories created at your South Bend Wedding! Keep in mind that the hashtag needs to be unique and original to your event. Choosing a hastag like #MySouthBendWedding or #NotreDameWedding will just mix your photos with all the other photos under such a universal hashtag! So make it unique, do a hashtag search for every hashtag you come up with on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to make sure it isn’t previously used. With the pending explosion of wedding hashtags, using generic hastags like #JulieMikeWedding will be problematic.

How do you get the word out to your guests about which hashtag to use? You can promote your original hashtag on cute little cards or small signs that displayed on guest tables which makes the hashtag easy to reference as guests shoot and upload to social media. A chalkboard displayed next to the DJ or cake table, to remind guests of your hashtag. Have some business cards printed with the hashtag and insert them into your wedding invites before they are sent out. The business card is the right size for men to put into their wallets or women their purses and bring it with them to your wedding!

Share and relive your South Bend Wedding with a unique hashtag and all the pictures your guests took! And if you are a guest, please don’t be this woman with an ipad! Remember the Bride & Groom hired professionals to document their wedding day and doing something like this isn’t doing anyone any favors!

Photo copyright IQvideography
DON”T BE THIS PERSON with the iPad! Photo copyright IQvideography

South Bend Wedding Day

Here at South Bend Weddings we love sharing with our readers the beauty of weddings through photos! We are always looking for weddings to feature, so if you are a newlywed couple or photographer, videographer or wedding planner and have a wedding you would like to feature please contact us at info at michichianaweddings.com.

Our newest featured wedding, provided by Kelly Burden at Contemporary Images, is the South Bend wedding of Jessica & at the Hilton Garden Inn in the Gillespie Center garden.

From Kelly: It was a gorgeous day in South Bend for an outside wedding on the campus of St Marys.  The wedding ceremony was held outside in the courtyard and we had plenty of time before and after for a fun photo walk around Saint Mary’s beautiful campus. The reception took place in the beautiful Gillespie Center Ballroom in the Hilton Garden Inn. The bride and groom had a candy table buffet as large as a candy store. There was also a photo-booth and a hot dog stand! This was easily one of the most entertaining wedding receptions I have ever photographed in South Bend!

Ceremony: Garden of the Gillespie Center in the Hilton Garden Inn
Reception: The Gillespie Center ball room
Photography: Contemporary Images

Planning your Photo Montage

by Fred Klein of Klein Video Services, Chicago

Putting together a great video montage requires some preparation. You should begin working on this several months before the party.

The production studio that will do the final assembly should recieve pictures and music selection 2 months out.

t the following guidelines will help you prepare your materials:

1. Think of a theme : A good theme can guide the rest of your choices in the montage. It can help you think of an appropriate title and the sections you’ll need.
2. Think of the sections you want : Think of ways to divide up the video into sections.
3. Organize your photos : Divide up the photos into these sections. Use only the very best for each section. In video montages, less is definitely more.
4. Organize your video segments : If you want to include video segments, search through your video at home first. When you find the sections you want, cue the tapes up the the exact spot where the clip begins. Remember to keep these short and only use the very best clips. Audio from home video cameras often doesn’t turn out very well. Usually it’s best to run music over these clips.
5. Choose music : Music should complement the theme of each section. Try to find music to fit the mood of each section. It can help to find lyrics that fit the images. Other times the type of music is more important.

Following these steps can save you lots of time. Your video will be much more personal and original. And you’ll find that putting all these creative elements together can be a lot of fun.