Silk Wedding Floral

Is your South Bend Wedding on a tight budget? Or have costs spiraled out of control and you are looking for somewhere to save money? One of the areas that you can cut costs and save lots of money is on your wedding floral with silk flowers rentals!  Modern silk flowers are very life-like,  lovely and can be used to express your unique style. Here are few benefits of silk flowers for your South Bend wedding floral

Color: silk flowers come in just about every color you can think of. They range from colors found in nature to fun and funky.

Style: Silk flowers can be found in a variety of styles. High quality silk flowers look and many people are fooled and the only way to know they are silk is to touch.

Convenience: Silk flowers are easy to obtain and different varieties can be found through out the year. There is no refrigeration needed and the floral arrangements can easily be moved from one location to another. Arrangements and bouquets can be made and stored as far in advance as you desire. They can also be shipped just about anywhere!

Cost: Even the most realistic silks are often less expensive than fresh flowers. Although your wedding day is one time you want to splurge, you may want to “splurge” on the nicest silk flowers and spend more on your dress or your photographer. Flowers are usually 55% of your wedding budget so silks can really help in this area.

Customization: Silk flower arrangements and bouquets can be custom designed for you and your wedding party. Your colors, your style, your theme. Your imagination is the only limitation!silk wedding floral

Rentals: Basic arrangements that can be customized for your wedding can be rented so you don’t have to worry about where you are going to store 10 pew decorations and three alter pieces. Centerpieces, wedding arches, topiaries, and even ccolumns can be rented, saving a big chunk of your budget for other things.

They last forever: How romantic would it be to have your wedding bouquet re-designed as a centerpiece for you first home together or a lovely swag to compliment your wedding portrait? You can enjoy your flowers everyday! Your bridesmaids can save their bouquets as mementos of you South Bend Wedding. Your mothers can keep their corsages as a precious reminder of such a special occasion.

Silk flowers offer many exciting choices for your South Bend Wedding, give them a try!

Hashtag Your #SouthBendWedding

With the awesome explosion of social media, Hashtags are everywhere in our online lives. Facebook has finally relented and now hashtags are searchable on Facebook!

Now it’s your South Bend Wedding Day and all your friends are snapping cell phone photos of you, your significant other and  themselves having fun at your wedding and reception. Besides the hundreds of pictures that your South Bend wedding photographer and videographer took, how will you ever see all of those Instagram, Twitter and Facebook shared photos from your friends and family? The best idea is Hashtag Your Wedding!

When friends and family post their awesome pictures to social media, Hashtags make them instantly searchable,  you and your guests will be able to run searches on your hashtag and view all of the pictures that were tagged and associated with your hashtag. You will be able to view them right away, that night even, enjoying all the fun, joy and memories created at your South Bend Wedding! Keep in mind that the hashtag needs to be unique and original to your event. Choosing a hastag like #MySouthBendWedding or #NotreDameWedding will just mix your photos with all the other photos under such a universal hashtag! So make it unique, do a hashtag search for every hashtag you come up with on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to make sure it isn’t previously used. With the pending explosion of wedding hashtags, using generic hastags like #JulieMikeWedding will be problematic.

How do you get the word out to your guests about which hashtag to use? You can promote your original hashtag on cute little cards or small signs that displayed on guest tables which makes the hashtag easy to reference as guests shoot and upload to social media. A chalkboard displayed next to the DJ or cake table, to remind guests of your hashtag. Have some business cards printed with the hashtag and insert them into your wedding invites before they are sent out. The business card is the right size for men to put into their wallets or women their purses and bring it with them to your wedding!

Share and relive your South Bend Wedding with a unique hashtag and all the pictures your guests took! And if you are a guest, please don’t be this woman with an ipad! Remember the Bride & Groom hired professionals to document their wedding day and doing something like this isn’t doing anyone any favors!

Photo copyright IQvideography
DON”T BE THIS PERSON with the iPad! Photo copyright IQvideography

Wedding Planning The First 10 Things To DO

The Question has been popped… Congratulations! Now that the initial shock is beginning to wear off, your families have been informed. It’s time for yourfirst 10 major decisions:
What is the date of the big day? It’s the second question you are going to hear after the big announcement to the family, the fi rst being, “can we seethe ring”. Many factors can impact the decision on a wedding date. The two biggest being the availability of your chosen offi ciant, Rabbi, Priest, Pastor and the location of the ceremony and the second being availability of reception halls, if you are planning a full blown day of wedding festivities. Contact the people and locations that you are planning on and make sure they are free. On a side note, since you are getting married in Michiana, Notre Dame Football will be a factor if you are deciding on a late fall, early winter wedding. On non home game weekends the wedding vendors are booking up a year in advance, so get on the phone. If your wedding is going to have few out of towners having it on a home game day may be to your benefit, since it is an off wedding day you may be able to fi nd some good deals on hall rentals, caterers etc.
Design Your Event. Is it going to be formal or relaxed? Luxury hotel or country club, backyard extravagance or beach barbecue? What is the color theme? It’s time to run out to the local magazine shop and pick up the latest issues of Modern Bride or even this magazine you hold now. Peruse the pictures, get some ideas of what you want and where you are going. So that you can move on to the next decision…
Decide on a budget. Ultimately, dollars, and not dreams, you’ve had since childhood, are the determining factors for what you’ll have at your wedding. The wedding day is going to be a major expense. We’ve heard of weddings being planned for as little as $1500 with celebrity weddings running into the millions. The average in the Michiana area tends to be $10,000 to 20,000.
Choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen. So who do you choose? The people that mean the most to you, those you want to be part of your day: best friends, childhood buddies, siblings, even your dog can have a special part in the ceremony. Keep in mind that those who agree to be part of the wedding party are going to be spending their hard-earned money and time; Be sure to be kind by keeping your attendants informed about the plans, and making sure they know how much you appreciate them. To keep people informed an internet blog or website would be a good idea for those who live some distance away, besides the traditional phone call.
Announce your engagement. Call your local and parents newspaper. Many newspapers now post guidelines or a standardized form, on their websitesthese days to submit your announcement. Also fi nd out if there is a fee for publication.
Gather a guest list. As you begin to build your guest list, you’ll need to consider a number of factors. How many guests does the ceremony location hold? How many guests does the reception hall hold. If it is going to be under a tent, how big will the tent need to be and do you have room? Do you want a small and intiment day with just family and close friends or do you want a once in a lifetime party for all of your family and friends. Your budget will be a strong determining factor here since the more people who attend the higher the costs.
Do you or don’t you need a wedding consultant / wedding planner. If you are planning from out of town a wedding consultant or planner can be invaluable in dealing with the major and little factors or planning a wedding. If you are planning a really extravagant wedding a consultant/planner can be a major help also. This ultimately will let you relax and enjoy the planning of the wedding, while they handle the day to day decisions and instruct your vendors, based on your wants and desires.
Choose your Photographer & Videographer It may not seem like it now, but these two decisions are in the top 10 for your wedding day. The Videographer and Photographer are documenting the day, creating family heirlooms that will be treasured by family and friends, children and yourselves for years to come!
The joy of sitting down with future children and watching yourself walk down the aisle or leafi ng through the photos and see the joy, excitement, wonder in your child’s eyes is a moment you will treasure for ever. So don’t skip! I havetalked with many, many brides after the day who years down the line regretted skimping on these two very important decisions.
The Gown. Every little girl has dreamed about how she is going to look on her wedding day and now is the time to make the decision, which gown is going to glide with you down the aisle. Learn gown lingo before stepping foot in a salon. Learn what trains, necklines, silhouettes, and shades of white will flatter you. The season you are getting married in is going to affect your decision. During the hot summer, choose lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, linen, or organza. Being married during the winter? Brocade, fur, and velvet fabrics will keep you warm. Also look for a gown with a complementing coat to keep out the chill while outside. Satin, silk, tulle, and shantung are always appropriate year round.
Entertainment at the reception. Besides the meal, the entertainment is your thank you to the people who have decided to join you and celebrate this wonderful day. You need to decide is this going to be a sedate dinner party style reception with soft music gently wafting thru the hall or are you going to have a kick up your heals rock and roll party of dancing celebration. Disc Jockey, Band, Quartet or Harpist? Do your research! The entertainment will either make or break the wedding reception.

Out Door Wedding In South Bend

Q. I am planning an outdoor wedding. What kind of arrangements should I make in case of rain? A tent may not be in my budget.

A. Outdoor weddings, in South Bend, can be beautiful, but always have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. High heels and muddy ground do not mix. If a tent isn’t in your budget, find a facility that can offer both indoor and outdoor settings. But be aware this may cost you extra, quite often the facility will book two events, one outdoor and one in if they have the room. I have seen one event on the island at Century Center and one in the Great Hall at the same time. Another idea would be to find a facility with an outdoor pavilion with a permanent roof erected, but in the local market I do not know of any such facilities except the Morris Inn, on the Notre Dame campus, which erects their tent for the summer every year.

An old saying that applies to South Bend and the surrounding area’s weather is “wait 5 minutes and it will change”. Exaggerated yes, but if you are planning to have a wedding outdoors in Michiana we strongly suggest having a tent erected in case of rain. With all the costs involved in a wedding even outdoors, tables, cloths, napkins, centerpieces etc even if your budget is tight, not having the tent could cost you even more money if you suffer a rain out.

Planning your Photo Montage

by Fred Klein of Klein Video Services, Chicago

Putting together a great video montage requires some preparation. You should begin working on this several months before the party.

The production studio that will do the final assembly should recieve pictures and music selection 2 months out.

t the following guidelines will help you prepare your materials:

1. Think of a theme : A good theme can guide the rest of your choices in the montage. It can help you think of an appropriate title and the sections you’ll need.
2. Think of the sections you want : Think of ways to divide up the video into sections.
3. Organize your photos : Divide up the photos into these sections. Use only the very best for each section. In video montages, less is definitely more.
4. Organize your video segments : If you want to include video segments, search through your video at home first. When you find the sections you want, cue the tapes up the the exact spot where the clip begins. Remember to keep these short and only use the very best clips. Audio from home video cameras often doesn’t turn out very well. Usually it’s best to run music over these clips.
5. Choose music : Music should complement the theme of each section. Try to find music to fit the mood of each section. It can help to find lyrics that fit the images. Other times the type of music is more important.

Following these steps can save you lots of time. Your video will be much more personal and original. And you’ll find that putting all these creative elements together can be a lot of fun.

Wedding Advice

Q: My father and I keep going back and forth about having a DJ vs a band. I want a band and he insists a DJ is good enough and that bands are too expensive. Which would you suggest?

A: Susan, this is a tough decision. We love bands and orchestras! Nothing can beat the energy, excitement or fun that a good band brings to a wedding reception. No DJ can beat a good to excellent band in crowd response or energy level, there is something about live music that will always be best. However a bad band will have your guests headed to the doors as fast as a bad DJ will.
What you have will depend on your budget. A good disc jockey in the South Bend region will cost between $1000 to $1500+. To find a good band you are going to have to go outside the area to Chicago or Indy and that is going to cost you starting around $8000. An orchestra has enough members that they don’t need to stop the music and take breaks every 30 minutes will cost you $10,000+. We really recommend finding an orchestra over a band. An orchestra will have enough members that they will be able to rotate out singers and players to take breaks but keep the music playing and the guests energized. When a band takes a break, many guests look at this as an opportunity to leave, so the more the music is going the better.
So it all depends on your budget. Do you have enough room to spend the thousands a good orchestra requires? If not then we recommend you check out the DJs listed in the wedding essentials area of the site. The good ones like the Music Machine, River City Music and the Hitman will keep the party going and approach the energy a band and not take breaks.

Simple Beauty Tips

For Bright Eyes

1. Stick to matte shadow and blush, nothing shimmery.

2. Opt for Mohogany, charcoal or navy eye liner rather than black or dark brown which may look too harsh on camera.

3. Apply at least 2 coats of waterproof mascara using an eyelash curler in between.

For Radiant Skin

1. Get a good nights sleep.

2. use a ligth dusting of bronzing powder on face and neck for a warm glow.

3. Blend cream or powder blush in a rosey hue on the apples of cheeks.

For Luminous Lips

1. Choose lip color that is a bit bright. Nude shades can make you look washed out on camera.

2. If you use lip liner, make sure it matches the shade of your lipstick exactly, even a slight shade difference will be more pronounced on video.

For a Flawless Finish

1. Don’t tweeze brows the day of your weddings to prevent redness and swelling.

2. Use a primer as a base beneath your foundation to even out skin tone.

3. Apply concealer to any blemishes with fingertip & dust with a translucent powder.

4. Blend, blend, and blend again. Any make up lines will be more noticeable on film.