Worlds Largest Wedding Cake

Mohegan Sun Casino Attempts to Shatter the World Record in Guinness Book of World RecordsWedding Cake

Today, at the New England Bridal Showcase, Mohegan Sun unveiled what it hopes will be the world’s largest wedding cake. Measuring 17-feet tall and weighing 15,032 pounds, the seven-tiered cake is almost three-times the weight of the current record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest wedding cake.

The Mohegan Sun wedding cake is vanilla flavored and decorated with bows and hearts. Ingredients include: 10,000 pounds of pound cake batter and 4,810 pounds of creamy frosting with a taste of vanilla and almond. Comparatively speaking, the cake weighs more than five Volkswagen Beetles and can feed up to 59,000 people.

You can read more about it at Junk Food News. About half way down the page.

Honestly, it doesn’t even look good to me. Wonder how it tasted.