Brides a La Mode Closes

Brides a la Mode near Grape road in Granger, closes “temporarily”? WNDU this evening broke the news that Brides a la Mode has a closed for inventory and remodeling sing on it’s front door. A statement from the owner says that they will reopen on 2-15-11. The owner also scheduled a meeting with WNDU but failed to show. A couple of brides were also interviewed.0

Our Opinion:

Whatever this is it is being handled poorly. Inventories do not take 2 weeks in a small store like this to be completed. Stores like this do not close to “remodel”. This is one of the busiest times of years for gown shops as many brides became engaged over the holidays and have been checking out fashions at winter bridal shows. The gown is one of the first things most brides start to look for once engaged. Stores remain open during remodels to keep making money and services customers and have the remodel done during off hours. And if they really care about their customers they keep answering the phone and don’t let it go long enough that the local news station picks up the story. That is another question, just how long has the store been closed and brides have been worried till WNDU picked up the story. It just doesn’t happen in a day.

The WNDU statement said that Bride’s a la Mode would reopen on 2-15-11 however tonight on their Facebook page was posted this:

Brides a la mode is closed for an inventory and some remodeling. More news will be available on February 15. All orders will arrive on schedule and alterations are still available.

“More News will be available” is NOT saying they will reopen on that date!

Our recommendation:  If your wedding is still a while off, hold tight till the 15th. Don’t panic. If your wedding could be impacted by this closure because it is coming up soon, I would call the store and post to their facebook page to be contacted if they haven’t done so. If after a day or two you do not hear back, contact WNDU and let them know you are not getting through.

In our opinion we would recommend anyone relying on Brides a la Mode at this point to start formulating an alternative plan. Two plus weeks of closure for inventory or even remodeling is not a trust inspiring reason to close a shop.

There are several reputable gown shops with long histories in the Michiana area to check out. Bernardo’s for the Bride, Greta’s both in South Bend, Stevenson’s in Elkhart and Treats in Plymouth.

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