Silk Wedding Floral

Is your South Bend Wedding on a tight budget? Or have costs spiraled out of control and you are looking for somewhere to save money? One of the areas that you can cut costs and save lots of money is on your wedding floral with silk flowers rentals!  Modern silk flowers are very life-like,  lovely and can be used to express your unique style. Here are few benefits of silk flowers for your South Bend wedding floral

Color: silk flowers come in just about every color you can think of. They range from colors found in nature to fun and funky.

Style: Silk flowers can be found in a variety of styles. High quality silk flowers look and many people are fooled and the only way to know they are silk is to touch.

Convenience: Silk flowers are easy to obtain and different varieties can be found through out the year. There is no refrigeration needed and the floral arrangements can easily be moved from one location to another. Arrangements and bouquets can be made and stored as far in advance as you desire. They can also be shipped just about anywhere!

Cost: Even the most realistic silks are often less expensive than fresh flowers. Although your wedding day is one time you want to splurge, you may want to “splurge” on the nicest silk flowers and spend more on your dress or your photographer. Flowers are usually 55% of your wedding budget so silks can really help in this area.

Customization: Silk flower arrangements and bouquets can be custom designed for you and your wedding party. Your colors, your style, your theme. Your imagination is the only limitation!silk wedding floral

Rentals: Basic arrangements that can be customized for your wedding can be rented so you don’t have to worry about where you are going to store 10 pew decorations and three alter pieces. Centerpieces, wedding arches, topiaries, and even ccolumns can be rented, saving a big chunk of your budget for other things.

They last forever: How romantic would it be to have your wedding bouquet re-designed as a centerpiece for you first home together or a lovely swag to compliment your wedding portrait? You can enjoy your flowers everyday! Your bridesmaids can save their bouquets as mementos of you South Bend Wedding. Your mothers can keep their corsages as a precious reminder of such a special occasion.

Silk flowers offer many exciting choices for your South Bend Wedding, give them a try!

South Bend Wedding Planning | Bridal Spectacular

The largest, best and oldest bridal show in South Bend took place recently at the Century Center, the Bridal Spectacular! Even though the worst snow storm seen in decades hit South Bend the day of the Bridal Spectacular, it didn’t stop the brides, grooms and their family and friends from check out all the wedding vendors and wedding planning ideas. South Bend Weddings was at the Bridal Spectacular and here is some wedding planning inspiration from the bridal show.

South Bend Wedding

Wedding Cakes by Martin’s Catering for your South Bend Wedding.

South Bend Wedding

Bella Novia Couture decor at the Bridal Spectacular. Wedding inspiration for your South Bend Wedding.

South Bend Wedding Planning

Need a caffine shot at your wedding reception? American Expresso offers some of the best coffee products for South Bend Weddings.

Wedding South Bend

Papery from Cloud Nine. When planning your wedding you can’t go wrong using Cloud Nine for invitations or any of your South Bend wedding paper needs!

Wedding Gown South Bend

Bride maids dresses for your South Bend Wedding.

South Bend Wedding Accessories

Girly Girl Gifts, one of our favorite wedding accessories and gift shops in South Bend.

South Bend PhotoBooth for South Bend Weddings

One of our favorite photo booth providers, Fun Zone PhotoBooths! Check out their new Celebrity Red Carpet Experience in the background and of course their traditional photo booth in the foreground. For your South Bend Wedding, get a photo booth, it is great entertainment!


Weddign Tuxedo for South Bend Weddings

South Bend Wedding Dress

Brides Maid fashion from the Bridal Spectacular.

You can see more by going to the Bridal Spectacular!

Photographer: Fun Zone PhotoBooths

South Bend Weddings | Bridal Show Sunday!

Bridal Spectacular South BendThe Bridal Spectacular returns to South Bend this Sunday, 1-5-13!  The Bridal Spectacular is the largest, oldest and best bridal show in South Bend, Mishawaka,  Michiana and will have over a hundred wedding vendors and professionals to help you plan you wedding! The bridal show will take place at Century Center from 12 to 5. Fashion shows featuring David’s Bridal and Louie’s Tux shop among others will take place at 1:00 and 3:30.

So if you were recently engaged, expecting to be engaged or are in the final planning stages of your planning, come to the Bridal Spectacular, Michiana’s best bridal show.

Some of our favorite vendors will be at the South Bend Bridal Show:
Music Machine
Purrfect Dj
Fun Zone Photo Booths
American Expresso
Knollwood Country Club
Palais Royale
Martin’s Catering
Swan Lake Resort
The Skillet
And many more! So if you are planning your South Bend Wedding or Michiana Wedding be at the Bridal Spectacular!

Michiana Wedding

The Bridal Spectacular Fashion Show is at 1:00 & 3:30

South Bend Wedding

Check out over a hundred wedding & event vendors at Bridal Spectacular 1.5.14

South Bend Weddings

Some vendors will be offering food samples at Bridal Spectacular!

Weddding Vendor Prices Too Good To Be True

Today we have a guest blog by Disc Jockey Randy Bartlett of Premier Entertainment & Video in Sacremento. Every South Bend bride and groom should keep in mind that if the price seems to be too good to be true, it can cost you heartbreak.

You can watch video of the couple who were ripped off here Call Kurtis: My Photo Booth Was A No-Show at My Wedding. Where’s My Refund?

While no couple, no matter what price they pay, “deserves” to have a no show vendor at their wedding, at some point, I’d love to see one of these stories where they tell “the rest of the story.”

This couple bought something at 1/2 the normal price. There’s a reason legitimate Photo Booth companies charge a fair and reasonable price. The booth is very expensive to purchase, maintain, deliver and operate and there should be a reasonable amount for profit.

$450 won’t do it. When you buy anything at far below market value, you have to ask yourself WHY they are selling it so far below everyone else. Are there bargains to be had? Of course – but every time I see one of these stories, it looks so predictable.

I get at least 2-3 calls every month from some whose DJ “bailed out on them.” Upon further investigation, they were paying a ridiculously low price, no contracts, never met them, all over the phone and their decision was based on nothing but price.

If you choose this type of “bargain,” you simply have to ask yourself: “What is my risk tolerance? Am I ok losing this money and/or having it turn out exactly like the reasonably priced vendors told me it would? Am I willing to risk this to save a few bucks?

If so, go for it. But I have little sympathy when these things go exactly as predicted.

Randy Bartlett is the owner and operator of Premier Entertainment in Sacramento CA

Hashtag Your #SouthBendWedding

With the awesome explosion of social media, Hashtags are everywhere in our online lives. Facebook has finally relented and now hashtags are searchable on Facebook!

Now it’s your South Bend Wedding Day and all your friends are snapping cell phone photos of you, your significant other and  themselves having fun at your wedding and reception. Besides the hundreds of pictures that your South Bend wedding photographer and videographer took, how will you ever see all of those Instagram, Twitter and Facebook shared photos from your friends and family? The best idea is Hashtag Your Wedding!

When friends and family post their awesome pictures to social media, Hashtags make them instantly searchable,  you and your guests will be able to run searches on your hashtag and view all of the pictures that were tagged and associated with your hashtag. You will be able to view them right away, that night even, enjoying all the fun, joy and memories created at your South Bend Wedding! Keep in mind that the hashtag needs to be unique and original to your event. Choosing a hastag like #MySouthBendWedding or #NotreDameWedding will just mix your photos with all the other photos under such a universal hashtag! So make it unique, do a hashtag search for every hashtag you come up with on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to make sure it isn’t previously used. With the pending explosion of wedding hashtags, using generic hastags like #JulieMikeWedding will be problematic.

How do you get the word out to your guests about which hashtag to use? You can promote your original hashtag on cute little cards or small signs that displayed on guest tables which makes the hashtag easy to reference as guests shoot and upload to social media. A chalkboard displayed next to the DJ or cake table, to remind guests of your hashtag. Have some business cards printed with the hashtag and insert them into your wedding invites before they are sent out. The business card is the right size for men to put into their wallets or women their purses and bring it with them to your wedding!

Share and relive your South Bend Wedding with a unique hashtag and all the pictures your guests took! And if you are a guest, please don’t be this woman with an ipad! Remember the Bride & Groom hired professionals to document their wedding day and doing something like this isn’t doing anyone any favors!

Photo copyright IQvideography

DON”T BE THIS PERSON with the iPad! Photo copyright IQvideography

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